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Settling Day

Settling day in your new home can be fun for you and your family if you are prepared for it and are able to resist the urge to unpack everything in a day. Settling down takes time and it needs to be done gradually.

Pack all essential items like kitchen utensils and toiletries, which will be needed when you reach your new home in a separate moving box and write “Open First” on it.

Color coded labels can help to ensure that each cardboard box will be placed in the room for which it is meant. Make a floor plan of your new home in advance and mark the positions where you want your furniture and appliances to be placed. Give a copy to the movers.

Unpack the packing boxes that contain items meant for the kitchen first, followed by boxes with things meant for the bathroom.

Once the kitchen and bathroom are functioning you can take your time to unpack the remaining boxes. Family members can unpack the boxes that contain their belongings. Kids will feel more in control if they are able to organize their things and set up their rooms.

Help your kids to get through the settling process and be supportive if they have trouble sleeping in the unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure that kids have the things they are familiar with on the first night.

Settling in is easier if you get back to the normal household routine as soon as possible and have the usual mealtimes and bedtime. Help your kids to make new friends and encourage them to keep in touch with old ones. You can explore the new house together and set up a bird bath, or plant a shrub or tree to help you remember this special occasion.

Confine your cat to a room and keep your dog on a leash initially. You can give them more freedom once they settle down in the new home and are familiar with the neighborhood.

Introduce yourselves to your immediate neighbors to get useful advice and information. Drive around the neighborhood and find out about schools, banks, gas stations, shopping areas, pharmacies, dry cleaners, police and fire stations and the post office.

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