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123 Moving: Helping you with Smooth And Easy Move

Moving can be as easy as counting from 1 to 3! 123 moving is really possible, if you know about the important steps you need to take before moving day. Proper planning can help you to avoid the hassles and stress that are associated with moving.

A moving checklist will help you to remember the important actions you need to take in the weeks before the move.

Find out if your employer will pay for your move and decide about the type of moving service that you can afford. Full service moving is the most convenient option, though it is expensive. Full service movers will pick up your possessions from inside your old home to your new home. They will also do the packing and unpacking for an extra fee.

Self service moving is a very convenient option, which costs less than full service moving. A self service mover will deliver a weather-resistant crate at your home in which you can pack your things. The crate will be collected and delivered at your new home, where you can unpack.

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123 Moving makes the moving process as easy as 123. Get online free movers quotes.

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Self moving does not have to be a hassle, let the experts the do it for you.


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How to get the international moving company of your choice.

If you decide to do the packing yourself, it is best to buy high-quality moving supplies and to start packing non-essential items well before it is time to move. Packing is much easier if you pack few moving boxes every day.

Paste color-coded labels on the boxes to ensure that they will be placed in the rooms for which they are meant in your new home. Mention the contents of each box on the label. Pack all essential items that will be needed as soon as you reach your new home in one box and write ‘Open First’ on it.

Make a floor plan of your new home and mark the positions where you want your furniture and appliances to be placed. Give a copy to the movers.

Start looking for a reliable moving company well before it is time to relocate. Check the credentials and reputation of the household moving services and make sure that they are licensed and insured. Your entire moving experience will depend on the mover you choose.

Obtain movers quotes in writing from a few reputable movers. It pays to choose a reputable moving company, rather than to make a choice only on the basis of the lowest bid. Watch out for offer lowball quotes offered by some moving services to hook customers.

We can help you to get free, no-obligations moving quotes from pre-screened moving companies in your area. There are no costs or commitments involved at all and we will not reveal your contact details to anyone without your permission.